Why are mental health training courses important for companies

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It is not until recent times; mental health is considered equally important as our physical health for everyday proper functioning and wellbeing. There is a lack of the stigma attached to the conversation around mental health. Hence, a lot of individuals in the public often shy away from addressing the matter. The mental health training courses for the companies can contribute to benefitting the employees as well as employers to address the mental health concerns.

What is mental health training?

TheĀ First Aid TrainingĀ in West Sussex provides mental Health training that involves instructing employees about various common mental health conditions and helps them to gain the confidence to raise their concerns. It also importantly raises awareness around complex mental health issues such as trauma, PTSD. The training provided also includes managers, administrators, along with the employees. This help can also offer a real opportunity of reaching out to close ones beyond the workplace.

Statistical Considerations on mental health

the UK in 2013, 8.2 million cases of anxiety were there, along with depression and other chronic mental illnesses. Women in full-time employment are more likely to experience these conditions in comparison to full time employed men. In a report published in February 2014, 12.7% of all sickness days’ leaves can be attributed to a mental health condition.

Why are mental health training courses important for these companies?

An informed company about mental health issues and illness can ensure how to deal with any such situation of crisis and avoid any consequent emergency. A greater recognition around these issues in the workplace can increase productivity and reduce absenteeism among the employees. This can ensure the development of compassionate and empathetic attitude towards each other in the workplace with individuals looking out for each other. It is essential to choose a reliable instructor like first aid training to have in-depth overall wellbeing.