Why are mental health training courses important for companies

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It is not until recent times; mental health is considered equally important as our physical health for everyday proper functioning and wellbeing. There is a lack of the stigma attached to the conversation around mental health. Hence, a lot of individuals in the public often shy away from addressing the matter. The mental health training courses for the companies can contribute to benefitting the employees as well as employers to address the mental health concerns.

What is mental health training?

The First Aid Training in West Sussex provides mental Health training that involves instructing employees about various common mental health conditions and helps them to gain the confidence to raise their concerns. It also importantly raises awareness around complex mental health issues such as trauma, PTSD. The training provided also includes managers, administrators, along with the employees. This help can also offer a real opportunity of reaching out to close ones beyond the workplace.

Statistical Considerations on mental health

the UK in 2013, 8.2 million cases of anxiety were there, along with depression and other chronic mental illnesses. Women in full-time employment are more likely to experience these conditions in comparison to full time employed men. In a report published in February 2014, 12.7% of all sickness days’ leaves can be attributed to a mental health condition.

Why are mental health training courses important for these companies?

An informed company about mental health issues and illness can ensure how to deal with any such situation of crisis and avoid any consequent emergency. A greater recognition around these issues in the workplace can increase productivity and reduce absenteeism among the employees. This can ensure the development of compassionate and empathetic attitude towards each other in the workplace with individuals looking out for each other. It is essential to choose a reliable instructor like first aid training to have in-depth overall wellbeing.

A Checklist to Boost Your Mental Health During Lockdown While Working from Home

Mental Health During Lockdown

Once which was considered as an “option” of doing office work if you are not able to go to the office due to some reasons; nowadays that same option becomes the only way to keep the daily operations running in many offices all over the world. Yes, we are talking about the “work from home” routine which is now the new normal due to COVID 19 pandemic and lockdown phase in the UK including Brighton and other cities.

However, working inside the safe environment of your home does not mean you are safe from mental stress or workplace anxiety. In fact, the current situation can make you feel more stressed out and panicky about your professional and personal life. No matter whether you have completed your mental health first aid course or not, you should be aware of this checklist to support your mental health while working from home at lockdown.

What Can be Common Mental Health Issues during this Period

  • There are certain mental health issues that may bother you during this period. You may feel;
  • Lonely and isolated because you cannot go out, see your colleagues and enjoy that office environment
  • Helpless for being unable to “take a break” and go for a short trip on the weekends
  • Restless for not getting the chance to “switch off from work.”
  • Difficult to stay motivated to your office work; especially if you are involved in a repetitive industry

To combat such mental health issues; you need to make yourself prepared.

Solutions for These Issues

  • Make a routine for your office work and try to separate it from your “family time”.
  • Never use your bedroom as your home office space. Choose a certain place in your house where you can sit and do the office work daily.
  • Stay connected with your manager, team members and other friends via video calls and other social media options to avoid loneliness.
  • Make some time for yourself and invest your time in your hobbies to feel good.
  • Go out at least once in a day, if you are not in self-isolation. Get some fresh air and have a walk around to feel close to nature.

The situation is not cooperative, but you must try to make it on your favour. You should know how to handle your stress and feel positive. Contact with the experts of UK Mental Health to join the online courses of mental health first aid.

4 Reasons Why Mental Health First Aid Is So Important

Mental Health & First Aid Training

According to a survey conducted a few years back, mental health issues have become quite common nowadays. People of every age group have started suffering from depression and anxiety. The easiest way to deal with the problem is with mental health first aid training. There has been a recent increase in the number of people willing to undergo the training as it offers numerous benefits. Few of which have been stated below.

Few Common Benefits Of Mental Health First Aid Training

  • Mental Health Issue Have Become Quite Common

Mental illness has become a very common issue nowadays. You will be surprised to know that millions of mental health-related prescriptions are issued by doctors every year. Even the government has started spending billions on mental health. Mental illness is a very critical health problem which can become more complicated if ignored. Someone who is trained in mental health first aid can help people in need.

  • Someone, You Know Might Have Mental Health Problem

Since mental illness has become quite common nowadays, it can even affect your near ones. The better you know the psychology of a person and the way he thinks, dealing with his mental health problem will become easier. If you don’t want one of your colleagues, friends or someone in your family to suffer because of life pressures, don’t let poor mental health affect him directly.

  • Choose From Numerous Programs

Since the popularity of mental first aid training has enhanced drastically, you can choose from numerous programs according to your needs and budget. Some of them are based on high-quality studies so you can expect them to be quite effective. The professional offering the course will also evaluate you at fixed intervals so you can deliver the right mental health first aid training as and when required.

  • Learn New Skills And Strategies

One of the primary benefits of undergoing mental health first aid training is that you can learn new skills and strategies. You can utilise those to help people suffering from a mental health crisis for the rest of your life. The preliminary mental first aid is very important for a person until he receives professional help or the crisis is over. The responsibility undertaken by mental health first aiders is as important as physical first aiders.

Since there are so many benefits of mental health first aid training, it’s time you start looking for a reputed trainer.

Easy Tips To Take Care Of Your Mental Health During The Pandemic

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The number of Covid-19 infected cases all over the UK is gradually rising. Since everyone in Brighton is living in social isolation, the pandemic has started taking a toll on our mental health. The government is advising people to stay indoors and avoid physical contact with others. The extended period of isolation has created a ‘new normal’ and the demand for professionals offering mental health first aid courses has enhanced drastically. Our social, personal and professional life has changed and some people can’t cope with the challenges.

Impact Of The Lockdown On Our Country’s Economy

The pandemic and lockdown blow has been quite severe on the economy of our country. It is at its worst low and everyone has financial worries. Professionals are afraid of losing their jobs while business owners don’t know how to make their business survive.

Impact Of Lockdown On Our Mental Health

The lockdown has interrupted our day to day activities and work schedules. Having to social distance and Stay at Home has had an impact on our mental health.

The best way you can deal with the situation is by attending a mental health first aid course. The trainers, offering the courses are knowledgeable, experienced and passionate about improving the mental health of others and offering support to help us through these difficult times.

Keep Your Mental Health Protected During The Lockdown 

  • Take small steps to bring back normalcy to your life while maintaining social distancing.
  • Know more about the virus, including the cause, effects and symptoms of the illness instead of believing rumours.
  • Keep yourself mentally and physically active by exercising at home. The more endorphins your body releases, your mood will become more positive.
  • Choose a healthy eating and sleeping pattern which will boost your immunity.
  • Stay connected with your family over the phone.

Time to follow the tips stated above and taking care of your mental health during the pandemic will become easier.

All You Need To Know About Mental Health Problems

mental health problems
Though your physical health matters, make sure you don’t ignore your mental health. Your emotional well-being and mental health is as important as staying fit. Never neglect your mental health as there is no stigma attached to it. If you are experiencing a mental health problem, get in touch with a professional who has undergone mental health training. They are aware of the various problems and what causes them. You can expect to get the treatment and support you need. Dealing with mental health problems becomes easier if you can enhance your knowledge about it.

What Causes Mental Health Problems?

Though there are various reasons behind mental health problems, a majority of the people suffer when various of these factors are combine. They affect the person deeply and their mental health deteriorates. Few common factors behind poor mental health have been stated below,
  • Childhood abuse
  • Social isolation
  • Losing someone close to you
  • Social disadvantage
  • Unemployment
  • Long-term stress
  • Poor housing
  • Significant trauma
  • Alcohol misuse
  • Long-term physical health condition
  • Discrimination and stigma
  • Domestic violence

Are Mental Health Problems Hereditary?

Someone who has undergone mental health first aid course in Brighton can let you know whether the mental health problem you are suffering from runs in your family. It is not only about our genes, the environment in which we grow up also impacts our way of behaving and thinking. According to a survey conducted a few years back, there are a few types of mental health problems which generally run in families. For example, if someone in your family has schizophrenia, especially your mother or father, there are high chances that you will also develop the mental health disorder. Schizophrenia patients have a tendency to harm themselves and others. If someone has got hurt, take him to a certified professional who has undergone first aid training in Brighton.

Is Brain Chemistry Responsible For Mental Health Problems?

Since the human brain is very complicated, some researchers think that there are a few chemicals in our brain which are associated with mental health problems. Even if our brain chemistry is responsible for mental health problems, the arguments supporting it is very weak. Mental problems caused by a chemical imbalance in our brains should be treated without any delay. Since your knowledge about mental health problems has enhanced, make sure you get them treated by someone trained.