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Adult Mental Health First Aid
Two Day Course


Myths About First Aid

4 Common Myths About First Aid Have Been Debunked

“CPR Is Sufficient To Save One’s Life.” Though it is true that people have been using CPR for years to save other’s life, it is a myth that it is…
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First Aid Training

Why are mental health training courses important for companies

It is not until recent times; mental health is considered equally important as our physical health for everyday proper functioning and wellbeing. There is a lack of the stigma attached…
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Mental Health During Lockdown

A Checklist to Boost Your Mental Health During Lockdown While Working from Home

Once which was considered as an “option” of doing office work if you are not able to go to the office due to some reasons; nowadays that same option becomes…
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Emergency First Aid

Emergency First-Aid for Seizures

Seizures can be terrifying. What if someone is having a seizure in front of you? Can you help that person? Generally, seizures only last for a few minutes. It’s easy…
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Mental Health & First Aid Training

4 Reasons Why Mental Health First Aid Is So Important

According to a survey conducted a few years back, mental health issues have become quite common nowadays. People of every age group have started suffering from depression and anxiety. The…
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first aid training

How can a first-aid certificate boost your career?

If you have been looking for jobs, you must be aware that every industry has been getting very competitive lately. You have to acquire and update your skillset to set…
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