A Checklist to Boost Your Mental Health During Lockdown While Working from Home

Mental Health During Lockdown

Once which was considered as an “option” of doing office work if you are not able to go to the office due to some reasons; nowadays that same option becomes the only way to keep the daily operations running in many offices all over the world. Yes, we are talking about the “work from home” routine which is now the new normal due to COVID 19 pandemic and lockdown phase in the UK including Brighton and other cities.

However, working inside the safe environment of your home does not mean you are safe from mental stress or workplace anxiety. In fact, the current situation can make you feel more stressed out and panicky about your professional and personal life. No matter whether you have completed your mental health first aid course or not, you should be aware of this checklist to support your mental health while working from home at lockdown.

What Can be Common Mental Health Issues during this Period

  • There are certain mental health issues that may bother you during this period. You may feel;
  • Lonely and isolated because you cannot go out, see your colleagues and enjoy that office environment
  • Helpless for being unable to “take a break” and go for a short trip on the weekends
  • Restless for not getting the chance to “switch off from work.”
  • Difficult to stay motivated to your office work; especially if you are involved in a repetitive industry

To combat such mental health issues; you need to make yourself prepared.

Solutions for These Issues

  • Make a routine for your office work and try to separate it from your “family time”.
  • Never use your bedroom as your home office space. Choose a certain place in your house where you can sit and do the office work daily.
  • Stay connected with your manager, team members and other friends via video calls and other social media options to avoid loneliness.
  • Make some time for yourself and invest your time in your hobbies to feel good.
  • Go out at least once in a day, if you are not in self-isolation. Get some fresh air and have a walk around to feel close to nature.

The situation is not cooperative, but you must try to make it on your favour. You should know how to handle your stress and feel positive. Contact with the experts of UK Mental Health to join the online courses of mental health first aid.

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