4 Common Myths About First Aid Have Been Debunked

Myths About First Aid

“CPR Is Sufficient To Save One’s Life.”

Though it is true that people have been using CPR for years to save other’s life, it is a myth that it is sufficient to save one’s life. The primary objective of CPR is to maintain circulation in one’s body so their life can sustain for a few more minutes. You can expect it to be effective only on 5 out of 100 cardio arrest victims. Whether CPR can revive the victim or not is dependent on how long they have been conscious.

“Use Butter To Treat A Burn.”

The easiest way to treat a burn is by not putting anything on it, unless it has been recommended by a physician or pharmacist. It is not only about butter, there are a few homeowners who try to reduce the burning sensation of a burn by using other household products. Not only will these items deteriorate the condition of the burn but also make it more painful.

“Try Tourniquet To Stop Bleeding.”

Though there are a few situations when tourniquet has helped in controlling severe bleeding, they are not always effective. For someone not aware of the term, it is a method of restricting blood flow to a wound by tying something above the cut. Almost every professional offering first aid training in West Sussex advice students not to use tourniquets as it can lead to the death of the tissue. When blood stops flowing through tissues, they die quickly.

“You Can Treat Bone And Joint Injuries With Heat.”

Bone and joint injuries are indeed very painful but using heat to treat these injuries is not a wise thing to do. Instead, try to put a cold pack on the injury for around one hour. The heat will cause more bleeding in the area and the swelling will increase.

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